The testosterone. IT HUNGERS.

The testosterone. IT HUNGERS.


Yum ! #nailart #melbournenailart #iscreamnails (at I Scream Nails)


Yum ! #nailart #melbournenailart #iscreamnails (at I Scream Nails)

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the sass level

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Happy feel good animal story, Pit bull carried around this injured chihuahua in her mouth until animal control eventually picked them up and brought them in for veterinary care. Once the chihuahua was patched up and on his feet again the pit bull wouldn’t leave his side and the two were adopted together from the shelter into a permanent home.

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What’s it like to work alongside so many other women of color?

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Schooled  Larry King.

Watch the full interview here.

Larry King you have literally been alive since before dinosaurs probably how is this a hard to grasp idea

New therapist business cards!

New therapist business cards!




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both: well this got awkward fast


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old ass ppl talk shit about my generation until they accidentally disable their wifi and cant figure out how to turn it back on

then im suddenly the mastermind of information & resources

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The horrible dichotomy of having to prove you’re disabled/sick enough but not too disabled/sick. #AcademicAbleism

-IsaJennie ‏@igmurray 15h

This is about the burden of disabilities, mental illnesses, and chronic illnesses in academia but I’m guessing it applies to pretty much any setting where one can request services for disabilities.  Or just life in general.

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Also known as I really need my accommodations but don’t freak out please don’t freak out I promise I can do the work.

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